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Living & Family Rooms
 Sofa/Loveseat/Sectional (Number of Sections)
 Hide-a-Bed or Recliner Sofas
 Recliners, Rockers, Armchairs

 Coffee Table or End Table

 TV (Small to 42")
 TV (43"+)
 TV Stands or Stereo Stands
 Stereo components/DVD, etc. (# of pcs.)
 Bookcase or Wall Unit (SMALL)
 Bookcase or Wall Unit (LARGE)
 Entertainment Center - No Disassembly
 Entertainment Center - Dis/assembly - # of pcs.
 Piano - Grand, Baby Grand, or Player
 Piano - Upright, Spinet
 Piano - Electric
 Grandfather Clock

Kitchen & Dining Areas
 Refrigerator - Standard
 Refrigerator - Double/French Door
 Microwave or Cart
 Dining Tables

 Chairs (Dining, Bar, Desk, etc.)
 Buffets or Sideboards (emptied)

 China Cabinet or Hutch - # of pcs. (emptied)
 Washer (not on a pedestal)
 Washer (on a pedestal)
Top Load
Front Load I have Shipping Bolts

 Dryer (not on a pedestal)
 Dryer (on a pedestal)

 Barbecue Grill or Bicycle
 Ladder: Small to Medium
 Ladder: Large/Extension
 Lawnmower - Push
 Lawnmower - Rider
 Metal Shelving
 Deep Freezer

 King or Queen Bed

 Full or Twin Bed

 Bunk Beds (includes 2 twins beds and frame)
 Waterbed (must be emptied)
 Crib or Baby Bed moved intact
 Crib or Baby Bed needs assembly/disassembly

 Cedar Chest, Footlocker or Trunk

 Chests of Drawers

 Armoires or Wardrobes (Total # of Pieces)
 Mirrors (Hall, Wall, Upright)
 Clothes (how many feet on rod)
 Sewing Machine or Toy Box


  • Select # of bedrooms and we'll automatically calculate
    the estimated # of boxes:  
  • You may adjust the number below.
 Boxes (sealed under 50lbs)
 Glass/Marble Table Tops on any other Items
 Lamp (Table or Floor) - Please Remove Lightbulbs
 Pictures or Plants
 Area Rugs
 Patio Table
 Patio Chairs
 Patio Loungers
 Firepit (Small)
 Firepit (Large)
 Exercise Equipment
(please describe item in "comments" section)
  • Weights (Approximate Total):  
 Safe (50-200lb)
 Safe (200+lb)

Office or Study

 Desks (No Disassembly)

 Desks Requiring Dis/assembly


 Filing Cabinets
 Bookcases Small
 Bookcases Large

Reminder: If you don't see an item on this list that you want moved, please select an item of similar size.
Provide any special instructions or additional comments in box below.
(May not be reflected in forthcoming estimate but will be addressed by phone.)

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