Custom, Climate Controlled Storage

All American Moving, Storage and Delivery of Cincinnati provides safe and secure storage in a state of the art temperature controlled environment. We have over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space where we can store practically anything.

Containerized Storage
Not only do we provide “rack” storage, but we also provide containerized storage in our 7’x5’x7’ wooden storage vaults. Containerized storage means that your items will not be co-mingled with anyone else’s items. All American designed custom built trucks that allow us to load and unload the containers on the trucks themselves, which means less handling of your items. Most everyone else loads your items on to their trucks and then unloads your items in to their warehouse – some containerize, some do not. We simply forklift off the pre-filled containers from our trucks and place them in our warehouse. The same process goes for delivery of your goods. This means All American only handles your items twice (2), while everyone else handles them four (4) times. This means you have twice the opportunity for damages when going with one of our competitors.

Long-Term and Short-Term Storage
Our storage containers are a great solution for long-term or short term storage, as well as an excellent tool to “de-clutter” your home when putting it up on the market for sale. A large number of Realtors, Home Stagers, and Designers recommend this service to their clients as a tool to command a higher listing price on their home.

Loading and Unloading Assistance
We can also offer loading and unloading assistance of your containers for an hourly fee. (I would not put this on the storage page, but rather on our “services” page – highlighting that we can provide “labor only” to load/unload a personal rental truck or portable storage unit)

Pallet/Rack Storage
We also offer pallet, or “rack” storage for smaller individual items if you do not need to utilize an entire container. The pricing for pallet storage is about 1/3 that of containerized storage.

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Dan Dragin, Owner of All-American Moving, Storage and Delivery,  with Ohio State All-American Ray Griffin. All-American Moving, Storage and Delivery moved the Griffins into storage for several years, then moved them out of storage the Summer of 2016 to Bexley.